Scenic flights, Flight Training and Interisland touring

Starting Under $80!

Whether you are a first time tourist or a seasoned Hawaiian pilot, no trip to Oahu would be complete without a birds-eye view from the air!  Enjoy a leisurely cruise above the beaches of the North Shore in one of our touring gliders that offer 360-degree views through a bubble-top canopy. 

Glide gently over Hawaii’s gorgeous terrain and be amazed by the sight of hidden waterfalls and ancient Hawaiian fishponds.  Your pilot is knowledgeable in Hawaiian history and will recount the cultural significance of terrain features sacred to the Hawaiian people. 

Spice up your flight on one of our fully-aerobatic gliders with an internationally recognized aerobatic pilot.  Any thrill seeker is sure to be pleased with the limitless possibilities of loops, rolls, spins and everything in between (and, unlike a roller coaster, you call the shots).  Check out a "typical" aerobatic flight here

Or fly on Hawaii’s only Motorgliders!  By combining all sensations of traditional gliding with the advantages of motorized flight, you are guaranteed an experience you’ll never forget.  No location is too far to be seen in our state-of-the-art European motorgliders.

Acroflight International will be sure to please anybody in the islands.  Our friendly and professional staff will build a customized flight plan with your individual taste in mind and at a price that you can afford (unlike helicopters, gliders are powered only by the Hawaiian trade winds.) Give us a call and tell us what you want to do today!

Besides offering full flight training in gliders and motor-gliders, we also offer training in the Light Sport Aircraft category (LSA) and Sport Pilot Certification. Acroflight International offers the ultimate in exciting aerobatic glider rides on the beautiful North Shore. Now offering - Interisland Tours - Kaua'i, Mokoka'i and beyond

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